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Here’s your chance to live your dreams. If you have a Digital startup, a prototype or a team who wants to innovate with Grameenphone digital, join us. Whiteboard has options to give you Free Workspace, Mentor sessions and opportunity to engage in various Grameenphone and its partner led Digital events to prepare yourself better.

Start Today: sign up and share your idea, projects or what you want to do with your Digital startups. Or if you want to join the Digital innovation revolution with your experience, Service, Mentorship or your events, you can also sign up and share.


Whiteboard is situated on level 3 of GP house at Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka in conjunction with the GP digital services where various Digital products have evolved.

If you want to take advantage of building, learning and sharing the experience and see if there is an exciting opportunity to accelerate, just let us know what you’re up to, with your profile and requirements.

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Whiteboard has great facilities, mentors and resources to have events, Meet ups on Digital Innovation and anything that helps startups and projects do their job better.

If you have any such Event or Sessions that you have done before and want to take advantage of these facilities, please let us know with details.


Have your mentored or helped a Start Up/digital project before?

Do you have the technical, business or certain subject expertise that you’d like to share with other Digital innovators?

Please sign up and let us know your curriculum and plans.

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7 Tips for Successful Digital Content & Media Channel Strategy

Scrolling, scrolling…interesting…… scrolling, 60 seconds later……Facebook homepage checking is finished for now!

No wonder these days the attention spans of human beings even lesser than a goldfish! This era is also can be identified as the age of information overload – in this digital age just on social media, an average user is bombarded with 285 messages a day.

The great challenge for digital marketers globally is to capture the attention span of this indecisive consumer by making their message stand out from the noise. It’s becoming a tough job lately!

The concept of how we communicate with our audience has changed now. Before we start planning an effective digital marketing strategy, we need to understand the different channels in digital marketing. Identifying what channels work best for our business and working on them will help to propel the business forward.

Hashmi Rafsanjani, Consultant, Google Bangladesh, shared the secrets of successful digital content and media channel strategy in a knowledge sharing session on 'Digital Content & Media Channel Strategy' at GPHOUSE on 17th August. Digital marketers, young professionals, marketing agencies & students joined the session to sharpen their knowledge. Hashmi Rafsanjani pointed 7 tips for successful Digital content and media channel strategy.