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Here’s your chance to live your dreams. If you have a Digital startup, a prototype or a team who wants to innovate with Grameenphone digital, join us. Whiteboard has options to give you Free Workspace, Mentor sessions and opportunity to engage in various Grameenphone and its partner led Digital events to prepare yourself better.

Start Today: sign up and share your idea, projects or what you want to do with your Digital startups. Or if you want to join the Digital innovation revolution with your experience, Service, Mentorship or your events, you can also sign up and share.


Whiteboard is situated on level 3 of GP house at Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka in conjunction with the GP digital services where various Digital products have evolved.

If you want to take advantage of building, learning and sharing the experience and see if there is an exciting opportunity to accelerate, just let us know what you’re up to, with your profile and requirements.

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Whiteboard has great facilities, mentors and resources to have events, Meet ups on Digital Innovation and anything that helps startups and projects do their job better.

If you have any such Event or Sessions that you have done before and want to take advantage of these facilities, please let us know with details.


Have your mentored or helped a Start Up/digital project before?

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8 Hacks that will Boost up your Facebook Marketing Tactics

Undoubtedly, one of the key advantages of Facebook for businesses is that it enables you to interact with your customers. Facebook analytics helps your company formulate marketing strategies that address customer’s needs.

You need to learn some marketing hacks to accelerate your business through Facebook marketing. That’s why White-Board arranged an interactive training session on ‘Facebook Marketing Hacks for Business’ held on October 30th at GP House piloted by Mahadi Hasan Sagor, co-founder of Geeky Social, where More than 100 attendees joined to expand their Facebook marketing skills. The expert mentor pointed out how important role Facebook can play in Business growth, importance of lead generation, trendy marketing tools, Facebook targeting & data analysis.    

8 Hacks that can boost up your Facebook Marketing Tactics

  • Preserve your marketing campaigns alive to stay ‘Top-of-mind’ of the customers.
  • Rely more on Organic Facebook campaign as it is the best option of cost-effective marketing policy.   
  • Acquire potential customers through direct & indirect lead generation.
  • Analyze Facebook data to refine your marketing strategies.
  • Deliver key messages in real time to enhancement your Facebook marketing. 
  • E-commerce business founders should add ‘Shop Now’ option as this tool increases sales.
  • Go one step ahead with the advanced Facebook marketing tools like Canvas & Carousel advertisements.
  • Brand your own application & ratify it through Facebook.